Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Features Your Customers Are Looking for in Online Shopping Experiences

When it comes to paid searches, you want to be sure you have the best outcomes from your investments. Your consumers are looking for specific characteristics about product searches that will keep them interested and trust that they can make the purchase with full confidence. 

With this in mind, let us review some features that are important to remember for your ads.

With today’s increasing technology, a vast majority of customers want to be able to see great quality images of the products they are interested in purchasing. Google has been taking this feature and improving upon it in the last several years by adding more photos to their search results. Using product listing ads is a wonderful way to greatly increase the number of picture results in the search. Customers like the idea of knowing what they are getting, so it is no wonder that many online retailers use pictures of products at different angles to show details even better.

Product Ratings and Reviews
These are great features to have in your ads by using review extensions. Many individuals will purchase products based on word of mouth reviews from others. It helps to know that a product works well or not from people who have already purchased it. From the marketer’s perspective, in order to come up in Google Trusted Stores, reviews cannot be more than 12 months old. It is important for your customers to continue to review products so that your review extensions will show up on your account.

Product Compare and Contrast
A fair amount of your customers are interested in a side-by-side compare and contrast list about your product. Consumers are usually comparing their product of interest with your competitors. 

A table with comparisons is of great value to your customers looking to see why your product is better for them compared to others. Even doing something as simple as highlighting your best product so it sticks out more will help from a marketing standpoint.

Consumer Recommendations
Like product reviews, consumer recommendations about your product will go a long way with putting it ahead of the competition. If there are any negative comments from customers, they can be offset by different angles of positivity from other customers. Testimonials encourage your potential consumers that their experience will be good and that they will be satisfied with the use of your product.

Videos are an excellent method to use if you have a product or service that can be difficult to understand or use. A demonstration video would be of great service to your customers in order to serve them in understanding but also giving them great customer service. Once they know how to use your product based on the video, then they will be more likely to share it with others.

Live Chat
This feature is becoming increasingly popular among online businesses fronts. Customers will be more likely to click on your ads if you have a shopping assistant on live chat to answer their questions, especially for a company that has a product that usually comes with a lot of questions.

Links About Your Product in the Media

A small, but significant, number of customers are interested in how your product appears in the media. Media appearances increase conversations about your product and are helpful for credibility.

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